Legal Compliance

At the beginning of this century a dramatic change occurred in regulation triggered by the Enron case in USA, which not only brought great scandals, dramatic losses of assets, the gravestone to one of the most prestigious consulting firms worldwide and a new accounting regulation, among other consequences. During the following two decades, other similar cases followed and the regulatory reaction was not long in coming all over the world, as it happened in our country with statutes Nos. 19.913 (Financial Analysis Unit), 20.382 (Corporate Governance) and 20.393 (Legal Enntinties’ Criminal Liability), together with the judicial precedents developed by courts and public agencies such as the Chilean securities commission and the ministry of justice, the latter regarding non profit entities.

Responding to this challenge, our law firm together with the firm of “Figueroa, Illanes, Huidobro & Salamanca” and “Pfeffer & Asociados”, we have developed a specialized legal service regarding compliance with critical legal areas (criminal, labor law, regulatory, antitrust, consumer protection, corporate and taxation) in order to prevent legal liabilities to the entities and its directors and main executives in this new regulatory context, minimizing them if they occur, and favoring good governance and transparency in businesses and non profit organizations.