Legal solutions with impact

Social, Environmental and Cultural

We were born in year 2018 as a law firm and as a group of professionals from different generations with varied experience. We got together moved to practice our métier aiming at delivering the best legal solution needed and, at the same time, creating a positive impact in our society, culture and environment.

We feel committed to justice and ethics, which goes beyond to a well done job and spending hours in pro bono work every year. Above all, we are looking to achieve the best impact in favor of our country and our world.

We don’t feel satisfied by just knowing the law, keeping ourselves updated, always researching, applying the appropriate reasoning and quickly reaching the right solution. In addition to that, we innovate and create new legal tools for achieving fairer solutions such as a new tax regulation for grants for poverty and environmental purposes, the new tax structure for setting up food banks in Chile, the conservation easement, joint ventures between businesses and non profits, model B corporation bylaws, and the design and implementation of transparency and good practice accreditation standards for non profits.

Our Team